The company


  • Kalender was established in 1978 as a family company and we imported and exported cotton and side products in cooperation with Paul Reinhart A.G. Switzerland.
  • Kalender imported first hybrid seeds in 1984.
  • Our company has been an exclusive distributor for many years of very significant fertilizers firms located in Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy (for more info visit
  • Since 2013 Kalender A.Ş. has been producing solid and liquid fertilizers at its own facility located in Antalya as well.
  • Kalender is among the first companies to start cut flowers production in Turkey.
  • Besides spray carnations and standard carnations, we used to produce roses and gypsophilas as well.
  • On the area of 57,000m² of greenhouses, with high technology and under the control of the engineers, Kalender manufactures in the best method wide varieties of carnations.
  • Currently we export our carnations to England, Holland and Poland.

Our Vision

Our vision is to forward Kalender brand to new generations with an environmentally conscious, recpectful against human and labour and innovative approach, keeping its image on quality and reliability as well as to contribute to the country’s economy.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, following all latest technologies and agenda in all sectors. We serve and work in the light of past experiences, with creativity, determination and team spirit, without sacrificing product and service quality.